American schools

Local schools are “beefing up security”, according to the news rags. I can remember school, but I don’t remember ever having to “beef up security”. How long does it take before humans realize we are manifesting an unnatural and improper “reality”. We are being subverted from our nature by the Corporate Businessman and his corporations. 

It seems the “terrorists” have won. Slowly, but surely, the very fabric of America, as a Republic, is being destroyed. The degradation continues. The monumental debt, the devaluing of the Republic’s money, the spreading of the Republic too thin, the people’s resources stolen, squandered, and given away to foreign State’s with nary a return. The flooding of the Republic with too many “refugees” and immigrants, the absorption of other’s responsibilities, some of whom are completely unwilling to properly assimilate and speak the language of their host nation. 

There are too many “businessmen” in America now, and not enough FARMERS. Mark my words.

You don’t even eat right and understand yourself on a cellular level. Don’t try to tell me what’s going on, Lemming. 

I thought Obama was “anti-war”?

Tahahaha! John Kerry, he’s a gross liar, too. 

Barry, the “Constitutional lawyer”, calls America a “Constitutional Democracy”. What a fuckin’ DUMBASS. It’s a REPUBLIC, lawyer-boy!

These people are CIA Operators, shifty attorneys, and corporate businessmen. They love to lie, project illusions, hide their money outside of the U.S., twist the words of the Constitution, and further the interests of corporations who build big metal machines to go around the world and fuck people up. Insider trading, killing, warring……..LYING. It’s called CORPORATE GOVERNMENT! And we have it, it’s here, full of Corporate Shills!!

America, you have TOO MANY BUSINESS MEN, AND NOT ENOUGH FARMERS!!! Weed them out!!

The Truth Commission - Stop lyin', tell the truth.

The Truth Commission - Stop lyin', tell the truth.

We post #TRUTH propaganda. Love it, or leave it. But they lied to us every time they said "the truth hurts". The truth does not hurt, in fact....the truth will set us free. Truth only hurts those who are unable to accept it and/or argue against it effectively. Home of the #TRUTHbomb